Here are a few key dates, to give you a sense of my background.

1981 The start of my interest in programming. I bought a ZX81 and, quickly tiring of BASIC, taught myself Z80 machine code.
1990 My first job after university, as trainee IT Consultant with Price Waterhouse. Programming in COBOL, Clipper and Paradox for DOS, and learning how systems analysis and design works in the real world.
1993 Joined London Advice Services Alliance (Lasa) as programmer in the Computer Development Unit. Whilst there I developed several widely used systems including NACAB Stats, a statistical recording system for the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau, UK Advice Finder software for Resource Information Services (RIS) and Tracks an information management system for Disability Information and Advice Line (DIAL) UK.
1997 I spent a one year sabbatical in Prague, working for KPMG Czech Republic.
1998 I decided to work freelance and Robert Daniel Ltd was formed.
2000 Created a membership database for adviceUK, at that time called the Federation of Independent Advice Centres (FIAC). I also wrote Timespan for Lasa, a system to help advice agencies comply with Legal Services Commission requirements.
2002 Again working with Lasa, I created the Advice Information and Management System (AIMS) case recording software. AIMS has continued to evolve ever since.
2008 AIMS Version 3.5 released.
2009 Worked with Resource Information Service (RIS), now merged with Homeless Link, to maintain their Link web application which is used by many organisations working with the homeless.

I have also worked on many other projects, both in the advice sector and elsewhere, not listed above.