Bespoke Development

Ever found a software package that exactly meets all your requirements, fits with your working practices, integrates with all your other systems, and grows and changes with your organisation? That is what bespoke software development can give you. In addition, it can work out cheaper than buying and then customizing a standard package. Bespoke solutions can be faster and more convenient to use because only the features you need are included.

Systems Integration

Perhaps you already have a great software package, but you need it to talk to your accounts software, or some other system? Do you find yourself entering the same data in more than one place, for example names and addresses? Not only does this waste time, it can lead to errors and duplication. With a little ingenuity even the most apparently monolithic systems can be persuaded to talk to one another.

Web Development

Websites are becoming increasingly complex, and for some requirements, web applications have become a practical alternative to the traditional desktop application. I can help you build a new website or application, or help you share data between your existing website and your desktop systems.